Mystic Weddings
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Photography and Officiant

Love never ending.  That’s the dream that draws you together in marriage. So, it is no accident that our logo is a Celtic Knot.  It symbolizes an eternal, unending linkage between individuals, and the divine power within all of creation.  It is a wonderful symbol for the beginning of your relationship in your marriage.

Mystic Weddings is the blending of the photographer and the officiant in one agency.   Working as individuals or as a team, we provide memorable images and emotional ceremonies that become part of your wedding experience.

Who are we?

Out West and Lovin

Out West and Lovin’ it

Patricia Downey of Photos Under The Sun is originally from Ireland and lived in many countries in Europe before coming to the USA.  Her passion for photography is rooted in her love of beauty, and the inspirational power of nature that surrounds us.  Photos Under The Sun is a premier professional photography service.  Patricia insures that every image she produces captures the emotional memories of your experience on your wedding day.

“I enjoy chatting with you and listening to you tell me about your dreams for your wedding day.  From there, we work together to create dramatic images for the beginning of your romantic union– images that are timeless and unforgettable!”

 Morning Ceremony in Upper Captiva, fl.  Image courtesy of Frank Simonetti Photography

Morning Ceremony in Upper Captiva, fl. Image courtesy of Frank Simonetti Photography

Dr. Jim Berger, Patricia’s husband, has many years of experience as a minister and is recognized as one of the foremost wedding officiants in Southwest Florida.  He says:

“Like every couple, you have your story and your dreams for your wedding.  I work with you to make your wedding ceremony unique to you.  After all, this is your wedding.  It should be your words to each other.”

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